How to Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling for the Holidays

How to Keep Your Home Safe When you Travel for the Holidays

The busy season for home burglaries is now. While people ship presents and travel for the holidays, burglaries spike. The best protection: a safe bolted to a floor in your home. In his Original Report, CBS 2 Investigative Reporter Dave Savini looks at how burglars operate.

Burglars scout their victims, watching for patterns, to see when no one will be home. They will bring food to keep dogs calm and quiet. They also look for busy streets so they can blend in.

Tiffany and Marc Clemans had $50,000 in jewelry taken by a burglar.
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How to Keep Your Home Safe When you Travel for the Holidays

How to Keep Your Home Safe When you Travel for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching which means the days will be full of traveling, food, family, fun…and burglary. If it’s your turn to travel this year to visit family or friends, then your home’s chances of getting burglarized are increased.

The featured news article sheds light on how easy it is for your home to be burglarized, and goes into detail about how a burglar will target your home. When you’re traveling, it’s highly unlikely for you to bring all of your valuable items along with you. You believe your home is safe, which happens to not always be the case.

This article makes us aware of how easy it really can be for a burglar to enter our home and demonstrates why it’s so important to take every precaution possible.

As the holidays fast approach us, it is important to start preparing for how to prevent your home from being broken into! When my family and I are preparing to travel—whatever the season may be, but especially during holidays—we add on a few extra steps to our ‘to do’ list.


  • Inform your neighbors. Regardless of how long the trip is, they should know to watch over your home.
  • Have your mail collected. Either by your neighbors or the post office.
  • Leave the radio on faintly the entire time. It will make burglars think someone is home if they hear activity in the house.
  • Arrange for lawns and shrubs to be trimmed. This only applies if you are gone for an extended period of time.
  • Create foot traffic in the snow. If there is snow, have someone shovel as well to make it seem like somebody is home.
  • Contact the local newspaper to put deliveries on hold. You don’t want a backup of newspapers in your driveway.
  • Avoid posting anything on social media about your trip. If you are targeted, burglars will also check your social media outlets.
  • Lock up everything. This includes doors, all windows, garages, and sheds.

My family and I use these steps whenever we plan on going away. Although I believe it’s important to apply these steps every time, I think it’s especially important during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving: the act of giving thanks—as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary—should be a day not only for thanks, but also for happiness and family. If a burglary were to occur in your home while you were away, the feeling of Thanksgiving togetherness would vanish, along with your excitement for the upcoming holidays.

Implementing these steps into your own life as well as sharing them with your loved ones will stop that for you!

We want to keep you and your home safe. Even though you will be on vacation this Thanksgiving, your home is still our priority.

I urge you to share this information with your family and friends to ensure that everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving Day with peace of mind! Stay safe.

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