AllianceCARES First-Ever Blood Drive Helps Orlando Shooting Victims

This is the fifth of a series of posts about Alliance’s CSR by Jake Murray, Vice President of Operations and leader of our employee-driven AllianceCARES initiative. Follow along our journey of building stronger communities.

Having been part of the family here since 2008, I like to think of Alliance Security as an intersection. A place where real needs — the need to be protected and for a better life — and a purpose to meet those needs, come together.

A recent email from the Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) reinforced that notion, despite the fact that impact wasn’t planned. The message was from Renelda Maurice-Simmons, RIBC’s Account Manager. It read:

“Over the past weekend, the Orlando Blood Center requested assistance and we were able to send 20 units of plasma to help those in need. Thanks to you and organizations like Alliance Security who sponsor blood drives on a routine basis, the Rhode Island Blood Center was able to respond immediately!! Thank you very much! We may not be able to stop every tragic situation, but we can be ready to help.”

With World Blood Donor Day taking place this month — on June 14 — our employees simply wanted to do something to help. So we worked closely with RIBC to organize our first-ever blood drive at Alliance Security on June 17.


It got me thinking about our core business of protecting homes and families. Sometimes, there’s a neighborhood break-in that causes a family to become an Alliance Security customer. But other times, there’s no trigger event. It’s when customers want peace of mind. And if something happens, best believe that we’re ready to help.


The same applies when it comes to AllianceCARES. It’s all about being proactive. Getting involved. Stepping up. Going beyond the call of duty, when we have the power to do so. Paying it forward, without any expectations back.

Because when we do, there’s no telling when you’ll positively impact lives — and possibly help save them. The Orlando tragedy is a reminder of that, and a motivation to keep pushing ourselves to give.

Giving blood isn’t the most desirable thing to do. But nearly 40 of our employees did, and I’m proud of each and every one of them.

I’d like to also give a special acknowledgment to Cindy Miranda, Alliance Security’s Marketing Research and Development Coordinator. Cindy spearheaded last week’s blood drive, coordinating the event alongside Renelda.

Last but not least, a big salute and thanks goes out to Renelda and everyone at the Rhode Island Blood Center for all that you do to help save lives. We look forward to our next blood drive at Alliance Security.

I look forward to keeping you updated on our journey with AllianceCARES. Until then, be safe.

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